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Technology is advancing, business needs are transforming, and on-premise phone systems are becoming ineffective. Which is why many companies are migrating away from premise-based PBX and are seeking out cloud-based solutions.

Row of network servers in data center.


Data Centers come in a variety of customizable solutions: public cloud, private cloud, and collocation.

network servers in data center.

Increased ROI

Hosting servers can be expensive. Not only do you need to purchase the hardware, but you also need to maintain it and store it. By using a data center you’re able to eliminate those expenses, and in turn, increase your ROI.

Collocation & Disaster Recovery

Collocation data centers provide an added layer of protection to your assets by providing a secure off-site environment where back up power can be supplied in the event of an outage.


By using a data center you have unlimited flexibility. You no longer have to worry about if you have the physical space to hold another server, or if you’re paying for unused space. By choosing a data center solution you only pay for what you use.


With UCaaS, your company can stay connected with each other and with customers no matter the time or location.

Gain Mobility

Gain Mobility

Seamlessly integrate your mobile, office, and soft phones under one number and never miss an important call.

Save Money

Save Money

Save money by eliminating multiple collaboration programs. Business collaboration tools such as video, instant messaging, screen sharing, and softphones are managed under one infrastructure.

Presence Awareness

Improve Communication

Reduce communication delays by using presence awareness to view the availability of your team.

Contact Center Features


  • Scalability

    Create a solution that grows as you do.

  • Flexibility

    Only pay for the technology you need.

  • Improve Customer Relationships

    Connect with customers through personalized multi-channel communication (voice, chat, email, video & more.)


    • Increase network availability

      SD-WAN evaluates channel traffic and dynamically navigates it around network bottlenecks. Overall providing increased bandwidth and network availability.

    • Simplify Operations

      SD-WAN’s centralized management enables IT teams to respond quickly to business and policy changes.

    • Enhance Security

      SD-WAN’s increased visibility means IT teams can segment network connection types and customize security accordingly.

    Cloud linking laptop, soft phone, server, cell phone, and desktop monitor


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